New research from Google Mobile indicates that smartphone usage continues to rise internationally, especially in developed countries such as the UK, Germany, France and Japan.

In research that spanned only eight months, it was found that the percentage of smartphone users over the entire population of these countries has increased, with the UK seeing a 15% rise in total usage.

Download the full research on the adoption of mobile by Google.

We have posted in the past about the emergence of these trends and the effect on global business. This new research continues to fuel the necessity for businesses to prepare and adapt their products to international markets to further engage with consumers in their preferred medium.

From Mobile & Global Business posted November 8, 2011

Businesses without an established plan to capitalize on increasing mobile use in developing markets are sure to fail in those markets. Surely, if one’s competition is localizing their mobile efforts in a market, then consumers in that market will prefer their products as if those products are their own. It’s a large initiative, but the process may already be in place…

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