From Lingoport’s October 2012 Newsletter:

While we are known for our i18n tools, many clients realize great value and successful globalized releases from our internationalization services team. We’ve got an expert team that puts our technologies to use to get i18n assessments, planning, implementation and ongoing consulting done efficiently and to high engineering standards. We can augment and work side by side with your developers and know how to plan and match a project to phasing and agile methodology demands.

Back to the product side, we’re very close to the release of Lingoport Resource Manager. We had a webinar last month, which discussed the management and engineering issues it solves when having to keep localization in sync with application development, particularly when using Agile methodologies. This was a strong webinar for product, localization and development managers and we’ve made the recording available. We also have a corresponding white paper available.

In this newsletter we’re also highlighting two posts I recently wrote in response to a situation where perceptions of world readiness were greatly under appreciated, and a common need for simplified explanation of the basics of character sets and encoding.

Lastly, Adam Blau and I will be at LocalizationWorld and hope to see you there. We’ll also be in the San Francisco/Bay area the week after coinciding with the Unicode Conference. Email if you’d like to meet.


Download the rest of the newsletter.


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