Internationalization (i18n) is often late, incomplete and messy. Most i18n issues stem from the basic question: is it internationalized? Most don’t know the answer or underestimate the complexity of i18n (or just think it’s as basic as string externalization). Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is tangible value in being able to confirm global readiness of product releases. At Lingoport, we often see i18n issues start at the top, with overall organizational issues. There is lots to lose in time, revenue, user experience and product acceptance when code isn’t well internationalized (see Inc.’s article on Intuit’s past global expansion).

Join us on Thursday, February 7th at 10:30am MT (GMT-7) for an informative discussion on how to build repeatable success within internationalization initiatives. Through the lens of Lingoport’s numerous successful initiatives, we will go beyond the requirements documents, assessments, and best practices to assess the true challenges to achieving global readiness. We dive into how i18n may be optimized with concurrent development, work alongside ongoing localization updates, and we assess the technical challenges faced in internationalization.

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