While most understand the business case surrounding internationalization (i18n) — establish an international footprint, make products easier to use around the world, etc. — many find it difficult to gain the necessary support to scope and assess their application. Charged with gaining executive support, learning technical i18n implementation needs, and assuring localization quality, VMware approached Lingoport with assistance on these issues. Lingoport helped VMware to generate a robust i18n assessment, and assist in integrating their localization infrastructure and technology into Partner Central.

Join us on Wednesday, February 20th at 11am MST (GMT -7) for an informative webinar detailing the solutions VMware and Lingoport developed to bring VMware’s Partner Portal to life for its global contingent of users.

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Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Building business and executive support as well as measuring impact of globalization on goals.
  • Challenges and specific solutions to internationalization challenges of a web-based portal.
  • Solutions to remedy technical dependencies with Salesforce.com, content management systems and translation management systems.
  • Program Management support and practices for successful delivery across cross-functional teams.

Register at http://www.lingoport.com/webinars/vmware-lingoport-collaboration-globalization-partner-central/




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